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I want to take a moment to send a heartfelt thank you to the guys at Hevi-Beads for coming up with this revolutionary product. I can now say that whatever I thought I knew about bead fishing has been forever changed because I am constantly discovering new possibilities that can be created with Hevi-Beads, well beyond just just single bead fishing.  I now find myself inventing new patterns and creations on every trip to the water, and actually catching fish with what I create.  Last but not least I am most grateful for the fact that your beads are truly heavier then other beads on the market and because of that Hevi Beads can act as my weight and I am now finding myself not having to use lead like in the old days of bead fishing which helps me help the environment, if I lose a bead it also is environmentally safe so I know I am not endangering the waters for future generations of anglers.I honestly have yet to find a downside to fishing with Hevi Beads which is why you now have a follower for life.

 Kindest Regards

Chuck DrolletteFounder of Centerpin Addicts

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