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HEVI-SCENT, the next generation in scent bonding technology
You can’t see it, you can’t feel it but you can sure smell it. And so can the fish!

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We here at HEVI-BEADS™ have taken over 100 years of combined fishing experience in bead fishing for Salmon, Trout and Steelhead and created a whole new level of fishing opportunities. Whether you are fishing for Salmon, Trout, Steelhead, Walleye, Bass or even Tarpon, this new fishing system will get you results! You can create a whole new line of personalized lures from flies, jigs, spinners, and single or multiple bead rigs using hackle, feathers, yarn, flashings, etc. With the “All-In-One System” no more toothpicks, glue or thread is needed.

Our system can be used to give your favorite setups added attraction for catching more fish! The people of HEVI-BEADS™ have a passion for “sticking” more fish. This system is designed to give you more options than any other bead system ever using acrylic beads, rubber beads, wood floating beads or weighted glass beads! We believe this is all about Faith, Family, Friends and Fishing!

HEVI-BEADS™ are high quality beads designed for fishing which come in a wide variety of materials, sizes, styles and colors that can be attached to any set-up within a matter of seconds. This is accomplished with a needle-like tool called THE BEAD-IT™ and durable super elastic bands known as HEVI-BANDZ™. The Hevi-Beads System also utilizes a third tool called the HEVI-VISE™, a device with a mounted magnifying glass, two Vise Clips and a sturdy base that makes creating your own custom tackle a breeze.

The entire Hevi-Beads “All In One System” can be implemented together or independently of one another, making this system one of the most effective bead fishing systems ever!

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GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS and especially in your fishing journeys.
Your Friends at HEVI-BEADS™.
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